Over two years of intense studying, continuous trial and error, and consistent producing and reproducing of sounds led to the creation of these reliable pot calls. These calls emulate the specific and authentic call of a wild turkey, providing the dedicated hunter with a maximum advantage over his peers.


Each call is purposefully designed with easy-grip ridges, providing an instant grasp to help the hunter stay focused on the kill. Due to our high level of commitment to authenticity, we only offer a restricted selection of woods: woods most commonly found in musical instruments so that they are cohesive with acoustics and vibrations. 


These carefully chosen details are what sets FODH apart from its competitors, and what will enable you to be the envy of your hunting group.


Copper soundboard

Walnut pot Osage inlays

This Crystal over copper offers great cutting and hard deep raspy yelps. This is a great all around call. If you are looking for a call that is not like any other call on the market then this call is for you.


Cherry pot Paduk inlays


Aluminum soundboard

This call is a great all around call. It can be very soft or loud, clear or raspy. It is probably the most versatile call that is offered.



Red Slate Soundboard

Maple pot and Wenge inlays

Glass over slate is a classic. The red Vermont slate as the soundboard give this call a unique ability to produce high pitched cutts and yelps. If you are looking for something that grabs well and has a higher pitched tone ,then don't think twice. This is the call for you. 


The slate surface is the easiest surface to call on. This call purrs and clucks easier than any other call we offer. It has a great high pitch yelp and a good deep back end. 


Glass soundboard

Walnut pot


Glass soundboard

Walnut pot

This is one of my personal favorite playing surfaces. The aluminum offers a shrill that most calls do not and it will drive the long beards crazy. This call is the raspiest call that we offer. It cuts easy, purrs softly, and will yelp loudly if you want it to. 



Slate soundboard

Cherry Pot

The crystal over slate combination is a classic. The combo produces a great sounding call that I would classify as one of the higher pitched calls in our line. This call has a great raspy roll over. This call is one of my favorites. 



Glass Soundboard

Walnut Pot

The ceramic call is great for a beginner. The surface grabs striker tips well which makes it very easy to play. The front end yelp is very high pitched. This call is great to pierce the wind with.

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